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Situated in Egilsstadir City, Egilsstadir Airport (IATA- EGS) is exclusively served by Air Iceland. The country’s flagship air carrier operates regular flights to Akureyri and Reykjavík. The airport terminal is finely equipped to include facilities of rest rooms, waiting lounges, currency exchange counters, and restaurants.


Touring Egilsstadir City- The Must-Visits!

Egilsstadir is one of the most scenic cities of Iceland. Here you can enjoy many fun filled activities like fishing, swimming, river rafting, hiking and mountaineering around the lake and mountains of the Egilsstadir city. The Hallormsstadarskogur forest is a great place to see the flora and fauna and enjoy adventurous hiking trails. A visit to Seydisfjordur village could be another interesting activity for the tourists. The best of all means to travel around Egilsstadir Airport is car rental.

Why Rent a Car at Egilsstadir Airport?

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Egilsstadir Airport

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Egilsstadir Airport, Egilsstadir, 700, Iceland


Egissltadir Airport, Egilsstadir, 700, Iceland


Egissltadir Airport, Egilsstadir, 700, Iceland