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Rent a car for Borgarnes at our secure online booking engine and plan a comfortable around the exotic locales of this small coastal town in northern Iceland. Located about 37 miles north of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, Borgarbyggo is a center for commerce and communication in the country’s western region. The town is connected to mainland by Borgarfjardarbru, one of the country’s largest bridges in Iceland.


Living the Small Town Vibe of Borgarnes

Bubbling with local life, Borgarnes features a fine list of must-visits for such a small place. Its rich history can be witnessed in its museum named The Settlement Centre, which features two exhibitions, one showing the early settlement of Iceland and another depicting the adventures of Egill Skallagrímsson, with Egil’s saga, the oldest transcript dating back to 1240 A.D. You can also see Iceland’s rich history by visiting Skalla-Grímur Park. It has a monument of Egill Skallagrimsson and a statue called Odinshrafninn. To dig deeper into the scenic splendors, make sure you have booked car rental for Borgarnes in advance to your arrival.

Things to Do in Borgarnes

Strokkur is another famous place with a natural geyser that blows every 7 minutes. Another attraction is the Fossatun Camping Ground, a family place, where you can go camping, hiking and sightseeing. The regional delicacies of Borgarnes can be enjoyed at restaurants like Hyrnan and Buoarklettur. The people of Borgarnes are sports-enthusiasts, so you can see numerous sports centers in the town, where you get to indulge in swimming, badminton, soccer and basketball and other sports.

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